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If you need support in QDA software solutions, you need to go to the real expert.

Elif Kus Saillard: an internationally recognized authority in QDA and CAQDAS

Associate Professor

PhD thesis on CAQDAS

3 books

18+ years experience and following the latest trends in QDA

1500+ individual clients


Co-Organiser of the international CAQDAS conference in Istanbul in 2011

Co-Organiser and moderator at the Digitalization of HR & Digital Mindset Transformation Conference at Bilgi University in 2016

Partnerships with major universities including Hacettepe University and Bilgi University


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Dr. Elif Kuş Saillard
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18+ years experience in CAQDAS and qualitative research methodology. 

Meet Dr. Elif Kus Saillard, expert on CAQDAS (Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis)


I have started my caqdas journey with my Ph.D. study (2001-2006). I studied caqdas as a subject in itself. The goal of my thesis was to discover the potential contributions of software to qualitative analysis. In order to make a realistic and comprehensive evaluation of caqdas, I had to develop a theoretical framework for qualitative data analysis that embraces the diversity of methodological approaches. And I tested how the software (NVivo2) works with different types of qualitative data (open-ended survey and unstructured text). Thanks to the embracing approach that I have taken in my thesis, I am very careful to not impose any methodological approach and judge quickly the practices of social researchers. 

Since the beginning of 2007, I offer caqdas training to social researchers from various fields. I met thousands of researchers and I witnessed the methodological journey of quite many among them. I know the pain-points of the research process from the start to the end (choosing the subject, choosing the right tools, data creation, analytical strategy, data analysis, reporting, and publishing). I know that each researcher has a story, I listen to them and I guide them to find the best approach and best tools for their study.  


I have a true passion for what I do and I am glad to receive positive feedbacks from those who received training from me.  I am proud to be a pioneer and leading figure in Turkey in the field of qualitative methodology and caqdas.



In 2011, I co-organised an international conference in Istanbul (Qualitative Computing: Diverse Worlds and Research Practices), with top level speakers coming from the UK and Germany and participants from 15 countries.


In 2013 I founded NAM Qualitative Research Centre, a unique research center in its kind in Istanbul. NAM offers consultancy to researchers, workshops and is also an official reseller of the most powerful CAQDAS packages on the market. I am also frequently approached by the corporate sector seeking to analyze data in relation to marketing, human resources, and other areas. 

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